Catherine Pooler Inks

by - August 24, 2017

Today was an exciting day. I got some new ink in the mail. Sorry...not just 'some' new ink. ALL THE INKS. 

I ordered the entire line of Catherine Pooler's inks. I watched a few videos and every single person raved about them. has a breakdown of all of the things you need to know about these inks. Basically: THERE IS A LEARNING CURVE. Once the curve has been mastered, these inks are like butter. Here's what you need to know and what I did wrong so you can do it right:

1. These pads have a foam liner rather than a felt liner. The foam does not absorb the ink so these pads are wet and you'll see the difference as soon as you pat it on your stamp.

2. JUST A TAP. A love tap, as Catherine calls it. All you need is just a small, gentle tap on your stamp to ink it up. Do it too hard and the stamp can imprint the foam. Your stamp will also be way too wet for a nice clean image. 

3. The color doesn't transfer. Have you ever stamped red and then gone to stamp yellow with the same stamp? It doesn't matter how much you clean it, that red is going to transfer and you'll get a muddy color. Not with these.

4. I STRONGLY suggest picking up some of the Catherine Pooler paper. I wish I had. Honestly, I didn't realize she had her own paper until after I ordered. These stamps were designed to work with her paper the best. They work on other papers but clearly not as smoothly.

-- Trial and error -- 

First Impression
Second Impression

                                              This is what I mean by just a tap. I treated this color as a normal ink pad just to show. You can see there are areas with far too much ink and obviously areas that didn't get a good impression at all. 

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