Copic Coloring - Lights and shadows in hair

by - March 26, 2018

Hello, crafty people! While I am certainly not a master of Copic coloring, I do love practicing and this stamp was so perfect for it that I thought I just had to share with you. Though I am more of a dog person in real life, I couldn't ignore the utter cuteness of this Nosy Cat stamp from Stampendous. I love that he (or she?) is peeking up from the bottom. It makes it so that he could really be giving any expression and I love that it could be used for such a variety of occasions. I knew immediately that I wanted to use my Copics with this little guy since there was so much space to practice highlighting and shadowing.  

Highlighting and creating shadows is arguably the best (and often most frustrating) part of using Copic markers. It's not something that comes naturally to most people and I know of people who have been perfecting this craft for tens of years and are still learning. As they say, practice makes perfect! But there are some very helpful tools and tips I've learned in my short time of using them. Sandy Allnock's Copic Color Hex Chart is invaluable to me. 

This is just a small corner of the chart and I clearly have quite a way to go with collecting colors, but this chart shows how the colors and shades will blend with each other. So, while choosing colors for my nosy cat I just referred to my chart and chose colors that were close together on the chart knowing the would blend well together. This chart is also extremely helpful when deciding which colors you'll want to invest in next. To be sure you're getting colors that will blend with the ones you already own, all you need to do is buy colors in close proximity to those you already own. It's easily the most information I've gotten for $5 in my entire crafting life. 

This next tip is specific for hair or fur highlighting and is something I'm still practicing all of the time. The above picture shows the three colors I used for the cat. E25, E13, E00, darkest to lightest respectively. (The colors do appear different from the cat pictures because it was taken with different lighting and needed some editing to make the photo bright enough to see) The top colors are slow, heavy strokes and you can see that the result is a flat appearance that doesn't blend all that well together. The bottom colors are quick, light flicks where I made sure I lifted the marker at the very end of each flick. This gives the appearance of texture and works well for hair. Also, I've mirrored the technique opposite of each other so that the lightest color is in the center. Doing this can add dimension and interest.

I used all of these tips and tools together to color the nosy cat. Using my chart to choose colors that would work well together, and flicking motions to create texture to the cats fur. I also used the mirroring colors technique to create dimension around that cats face and make it appear as if the sun or light source is hitting his cheeks and forehead area.

To create the full card, I decided to use "I love meew!" from the Cat Sayings stamp set also from Stampendous. Included in that sentiment stamp set are these cute little paw prints that I stamped to look as if the cat had strolled across the top of the page just to add a little humor and embellishment. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I've been able to share something with you that you may be able to use in your own coloring. I'll see you very soon!

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  1. This card is just adorable, Ashlea! Our Nosy Cat is glad you decided to color him today! Thanks so much for sharing with our products!

    1. I loved coloring this sweet kitty! Much more coming soon <3

  2. I like how you colored the fur on the kitty. NICE job.

    1. Thank you so much Sharon! I had a great time doing it.

  3. The coloring is just so great.


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