Foiling Alcohol Ink - Stamp Nation Challenge

by - April 27, 2018

Hello there, crafty friends! Recently, I was introduced to a really fun and beautiful technique that I just had to try out. I decided to use it during the Mixed Media challenge going on over at Stamp Nation. If you've followed me at all over there, you know mixed media is NOT my cup of tea. (There's a story there involving blue hands and Smurf murder scene)  However, Justine Hovey is one of the hosts of the challenge and she used some alcohol ink pieces as her mixed media and I realized that I'd never really considered that mixed media even though it is. 

The trick to getting the foil on the alcohol ink is to wait for the ink to MOSTLY dry. If you've used alcohol ink in the past, you'll know it gets a little tacky as it begins to dry. Once it gets to that point cover the entire piece in foil (foil side facing UP) and press it on and smooth it over with a bone folder. Once you remove the foil you'll have this incredible marbled piece that you can use for so many different projects.

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