Deco Foil Transfer Gel - Stretch Your Supplies

by - January 24, 2019

Hello everyone! Today I've got a new video featuring Deco Foil Transfer Gel by Thermo Web. I've been wanting to incorporate more foiling into my cards because I love the way it looks. This technique uses both the positive and negative of the foil sheet to create 2 cards with just one go-round with the gel and foil sheet. Here's a video showing how I did it:

I love being able to get more for my money and the supplies that I purchase, and this technique has very little waste which I also love. 

I've included a supply list at the bottom of this post as well as in the description of the video. I hope that you've enjoyed learning a bit about how I used Therm-O-Web's Deco Foil Transfer Gel. Let me know how you use it and please share your creations with me @Ashlea_Crafts on Instagram. See you soon!


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