Make Art STAY-tion Full Review for Cardmakers - With Video!

by - April 26, 2019

Hi everyone! If you're like me, you love getting your hands on the newest products and crafty tools. Who doesn't love a shiny new toy that can help make crafting easier and more fun? The new Make Art Stay-tion caught my attention for a few different reasons and I just knew that I wanted to try it out. I tried tons of different techniques on this new work surface and wanted to share my experience with you! Check out my full review of the Make Art STAY-tion at my video below:

Here are a few things I love about the Stay-tion:


It's Magnetic! - Perhaps the most impressive thing about this 12x12 surface is that it's magnetic. It comes with 4 brushed metal magnets that have cushion bottoms so your fingers don't get pinched in between them. (If that's happened to you, you know it hurts!) There's also a magnetic ruler that has the center marked as "0" and goes up on either side from there. This makes it a great tool for centering your stamps or die cuts. A good thing to note is that this surface is magnetic, NOT a magnet, so magnets will stick to it but dies do not. 

It's Lightweight! - It's the perfect size and weight to carry with you room to room or on a trip. If you're looking for a portable space that you can dedicate to crafting while you're not in your normal crafting space, this is a great option. It weighs next to nothing and is super thin, so you can store it almost anywhere.

It's Got An Etched Grid! - I love the etched grid on this surface. It's much like the MISTI if you're familiar with that, in that you can actually feel the grid lines. I love this feature as I find it easier to line things up this way. The one thing I will note is that there are no measurements on the surface itself. So if you want to measure something, you'll need to use the ruler.

It Wipes Clean - Thinks like inks, watercolors, and other light mediums easily wipe away with a baby wipe or a mild detergent leaving a clean surface.

It's Affordable - This will cost you about $20 depending on where you buy it from. Not bad!

As with all things, there are pro's and con's. Here are a few things I don't love about the Stay-tion:


 No Footers - This surface is great for using stencils but I did notice that there was some sliding and movement when I was ink blending. The motion made it scoot around my work surface which was enough to throw me off and mess up my blending a bit. This isn't a huge deal, but it's something a couple non slip footers could have prevented.

No Measurements On Surface - As I mentioned before, there are no measurements on the surface grid itself. I don't always use the measurements so it's not a huge deal but I think it's worth noting for those who may use it often.

Requires A Craft Mat - This surface was never advertised as a multi-media surface, but I'd like to get everything I can out of a product. It's suggested that you use a craft mat with this surface when using certain medias so that you don't stain or ruin the Stay-tion. I'm not a huge fan of this as of course placing a craft mat over top will cover the grid and the surface itself. If you're using this as a dedicated "home away from home" craft surface, I can see how this wouldn't be so bothersome. But as a craft room necessity, the craft mat to cover the Stay-tion seems frivolous. 

I hope that you've gotten some more insight on ways that you can use the Make Art Stay-tion in your craft room! Let me know if you've got any questions or if there's something I missed. I'd also love to hear if theres anything else you'd like to see me review.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'll see you again soon!

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