You Are Not A Mess - The Greetery Florals & Terrarium

by - July 27, 2019

Hi friend. You are not a mess. Yes, you. The one who's replaying that kind of awkward thing you said yesterday over and over in your mind, wishing you could crawl into a small, dark space and live there forever. Want to know whats more? It really wasn't even that awkward. You're overthinking it, for sure, but believe me when I say I am the last person who should be doling out this advice. Overthinking is like my full time job. The pay is bad and I would quit if I were physically able but for now, I'll make pretty cards to remind myself, and you, that we are not messes.
If you're here for less of a pep talk and more of a craft tutorial, check out this video featuring two ways to create easy and beautiful watercolor wash backgrounds:

I found some time this weekend to pull out these gorgeous stamps and die from The Greetery which I purchased the day they opened. I was so excited to receive them but quickly found myself up to my eyeballs in deadlines and responsibilities, so I had to put them up for another time. Well, the time is now! 
I knew I would love these flowers from the Fleur Impressions stamp set with their watercolor effect, but I really wasn't prepared for just how gorgeous these would turn out once stamped together. The layers come together with such definition and detail while still remaining a bit abstract and like true art. I especially love the flower branch and how the branch and leaves fit perfectly with the blooms for a seamless look. 

This terrarium die is such a unique idea that I knew I had to add to my collection. I have seen ideas for this die as the card itself, using its unusual shape as an interesting small card, or as a 3D paper craft project that can actually be hung as a small decoration. It's to die for. (I had the add the pun in there)
For my watercolor washed background I started with a great deal of water. I always feel like I'm adding too much and then I end up adding more at the end. I love getting these extremely soft colors that blend almost seamlessly into each other, and I find that happens easiest when I use a good amount of water. For my watercolors, I used the Altenew watercolor palette because of the creamy and smooth consistency. I also love the vibrancy of them and that I only need just a bit to get a nice, soft color.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! All of the products that I used for this project are linked below as well as links to my instagram and Youtube channel, if you are interested. Thank you! See you again soon!

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