Personal Update: Home Decor & New Beginnings

by - January 06, 2020

Hello all! This is a different kind of post for me today, and I have to be honest, it's a scary feeling. I've decided to begin a new adventure for myself without much idea of where it will take me or what will become of it. I'd love to be able to share this experience with all of you as I continue, so I've decided to integrate all of my love for crafting, creating, and making into this blog. Most of you probably know me from card making, and that is a passion of mine that I will continue to share with you as well. This new adventure will have me working on a much larger scale, with different tools and creative outlets. With much support from my fiancé, which I couldn't do much without, I've decided to enroll in an Interior Design program. It's an online course that will end in a certification and the opportunity to take the NCIDQ certification exam.  

I hope that you'll enjoy coming along this ride with me! For more information about any of the pieces that you see here, you can always check out my instagram @ashlea_crafts 
One thing I have really been enjoying lately is visiting our local salvage yard and antique sellers in my town. There are so many stores and yards to walk through, and you couldn't possibly see everything no matter how many times you've been. It's constantly changing as artists create decor pieces from scrap materials or other pieces of unwanted furniture from estate sales and such. I'll share a full walkthrough one of these days, but for now I'll just share this fun vintage Coca-Cola truck from the 1970's. It's pretty beat up and was obviously a well loved toy before it's new life on my kitchen shelving, but I love it. It was a steal at $8, and I just couldn't walk away from it knowing that it must have a great story that I will probably never know.

I also filled these shelves with useful items that I actually do use. I'm not sure if that's a great idea or not, but open shelving it still new to me so I'll keep you updated on that. This bundt pan is hanging on the wall just above the shelf so that it still looks like it's part of the unit, but won't roll around on the shelves. To hang it, I used a bronze brad that I already had and simply slid it on, this makes it easy to take off if I need it and place back on when I'm done.

These monogrammed mugs stand for, as you can probably guess, Ashlea and Rich. I thought the Rae Dunn "HOME" mug fit well with the theme, so I added it for a cozy feel. And I gotta say, I love when a cookbook can double as decor in a kitchen. The Magnolia Table cookbook is just as beautiful as it is useful. Lots of great kid-friendly recipes in there!

Thank you, again, for joining me on this new adventure! I'll be switching up my site soon to represent each aspect of my life, so be on the lookout for that. See you soon!

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  1. Congratulations on your new and exciting opportunities! I am sure everything you will learn and experience will impact so many areas of your life (as well as inspire your admirers)!

  2. Ashlea wishing you luck on your new adventure and good for you taking a leap into the word of interior design. I am confident you will rock it. My BIL is an interior designer he has designed some amazing restaurant and bar spaces all over the world!

  3. This is wonderful, so happy for you! I'm new to your blog & I came here through the Altenew Hop, weird thing is, I was thinking about going to an online Interior Design school as well. I live in PA, but I lived in Massachusetts close to 20 years ago. What is the name of the online school, if you don't mind me asking...Best wishes for continued success and in your new endeavor as well!!! Have a healthy, blessed, & happy 2020!!!


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