1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie

1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie dressed like a princess, cute as a button and ready to spread the Christmas cheer in any room she inhabited!

yuletide romance barbie 1996

1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie is a great addition to any Barbie collection. She has an elegant and festive look with dramatic sweeping curls and a beautiful ornate green holiday dress. This is Hallmark Special Edition Doll.

Packaging of Yuletide Romance Barbie 1996

The package of the doll is a pretty emerald-colored box with a window. It is covered by a flap with art and the doll’s life story. The box is beautifully preserved, just a little crumpled, and can hold the doll’s outfits. The doll is attached to the retractable liner with wires. Unwrap.

barbie yuletide romance 1996
barbie yuletide romance 1996
barbie yuletide romance 1996

Yuletide Romance Barbie 1996 Outfit

The doll comes with accessories – a comb of a beautiful emerald shade, the same color classic high-heeled pumps, a pair of replica postcards from the early twentieth-century Hallmark (according to the information on the box), and a stand. There was a leaf glued to the back with a long-overdue warranty.
Also, the skirt of yuletide romance barbie 1996 is tacked with thread to the backing.
I free it from the wires entirely and put it on the stand.
The outfit consists of a thick satin skirt with gold trim and a velvet jacket. All velcroed at the back. A small purse bag of the same fabric as the jacket is included. The bag is functional. And you can put something small in it. The quality of craft and attention to detail is amazing! Even the inside seams of the skirt are overlocked!

yuletide romance barbie 1996

Body of Yuletide Romance Barbie 1996

Under the wear the doll has painted white panties. Her legs are rubber, can be bent by two clicks. There is a hinge at the waist, and the arms can be moved apart. Over 26 years, nothing has happened to the rubber. It is still elastic, has not absorbed the paint from the skirt, and has not become sticky.

Hair is gathered into a classic bouffant hairstyle and secured with varnish. The elastic band is holding the hair loose, but due to the nail polish is holding everything together. Could you not plan to take it apart yet? Hair stitching is quite thick and robust. Her hair is brown. 

The face of the doll is very beautifully painted – red lips, neat makeup without blue shadows, and green eyes.  Gold clove earrings are in the ears and a ring on the hand in the same style.

I am thrilled with this gift! 

Botton line

1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie is a great addition to any Barbie collection. The details throughout 1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie’s outfit are stunning and her accessories are equally amazing – from the festive holiday earrings, to the matching necklace and purse. Her features, hair color, face sculpting and makeup make 1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie a must-have for all collectors. From the moment you take 1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie out of the box, you will feel like it’s 1996 all over again! She is sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone in your home for many years to come.


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