Find out what you need for homemade barbie clothes. My experience and recommendations.

barbie clothes diy
Christian Dior Barbie

Detailed review for collectors.

best sewing machine for doll clothes
best sewing machine for doll clothes

You need one with an oscillating vertical bobbin system and good motor power

fabric glue
Best fabric glue in 2024

The latest generation of fabric glues offers stronger bonds, faster drying times, and improved resistance to washing

fabric scissors
Best fabric scissors

What makes the best fabric scissors? Let’s find out!

Choosing best iron for sewing
Best Irons for Sewing

Top Picks for Perfectly Pressed Fabrics.

best sewing pins
Best sewing pins

Explore the best sewing pins available in 2024.

sewing organizer
5 Best Sewing Organizer For Doll Clothes

Always keep your sewing workplace clean

glue for polymer clay
Best Glue For Polymer Clay

Good for doll accessories

Best Thread for Juki Sewing Machine
Best Thread for Juki Sewing Machine

A versatile and high-quality thread collection designed to elevate your sewing and embroidery projects.

Best THREADs for sewing machine
Best Thread for Sewing Machines

Choose the best treads depending on your sewing machine.

best fabric gun
5 Best Best Glue Gun for Fabric

Comprehensive Review & Guide

bmr1959 dolls
Barbie BMR1959

A series of eye-catching, contemporary dolls that will win the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

barbie extra fancy
Barbie extra dolls

Barbie Extradoll Reviews - All Barbie Extra Dolls in one Place

Barbie Looks Wave 3 - 2023
Barbie Signature Looks Dolls

Full collection Of Barbie Looks Dolls 2021-2023 years

yuletide romance barbie 1996
1996 Yuletide Romance Barbie

This is Hallmark Special Edition Doll. Review.

barbie traveler
Best barbie toys

We will look at 10 of the best Barbie toys on the market, including classic favorites and new releases.

best needle for hand sewing

Here are the TOP – 3 of the best needles for hand sewing I tried.

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