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1. Introducing the Barbie Extra Dolls - A New Wave of Fashion and Fun!

Step aside basic Barbies, the Barbie Extra dolls have arrived and they are a force to be reckoned with! These dolls are all about embracing individuality and self-expression through fashion that is both bold and playful. From colorful hair to striking makeup, each Barbie Extra doll exudes confidence and uniqueness. Not only do they look their best, but they also come with accessories to enhance their already vibrant personas. With the Barbie Extra dolls, there is no limit to the imagination and creativity that can be expressed through fashion. Get ready to join the fashion and fun frenzy with these new additions to the Barbie family!

2. The Design Story Behind Barbie Extra Dolls

The Barbie Extra Dolls were designed with the idea of celebrating self-expression, individuality, and diversity. The extradolls were created with a unique and bold style, encouraging children to embrace their creativity and express themselves freely. The design team at Mattel drew inspiration from current fashion trends, runway shows, and street style to create the vibrant and colorful outfits worn by the Barbie Extra Dolls. Each doll has her unique style, ranging from bold animal prints and neon colors to sparkly accessories and playful patterns.

In addition to the dolls’ clothing and accessories, the team also focused on creating dolls with diverse skin tones, hair textures, and body shapes. The Barbie Extra Dolls celebrate the diversity of real people and aim to inspire children to appreciate and embrace differences in themselves and others. The design team also ensured that the Barbie Extra Dolls were highly posable, making it easy for children to create imaginative play scenarios and express their creativity through storytelling.

Overall, the design story behind the Barbie Extra Dolls celebrates individuality, diversity, and self-expression through bold and colorful fashion and highly posable dolls that inspire creativity and imagination.

3. How Many Barbie Extra Dolls are there

The Barbie Extra line was introduced by Mattel in 2020, and it included 5 dolls in its initial release. And one more exclusive doll in Barbie Extra 5 pack.

3.1. Barbie Extra Dolls 2020

Barbie Extra Doll 1

Product number: GVR04


Barbie Extra 1 doll is rocking a bold, playful look with her brunette afro-puffs styled with two long braids. Her confident style is showcased through her matching red and black athleisure outfit layered with a bright, fluffy rainbow-colored coat. To complete her unique look, the Barbie Extra 1 accessories include sunglasses with the phrase ‘shine bright,’ a cloud-shaped clutch, gold chain-inspired jewelry, absolute socks, and glitter boots. 

Pet: poodle

Barbie Extra Doll 2

Product number: GVR05


Barbie Extra 2 doll’s body is curvier than the original, and her hairstyle is big and bold with extra-long shimmery pink and purple hair measuring at 8.5 inches!
She exudes confidence and playfulness through her fun and trendy outfit, featuring a cloud-print top and white mesh tights layered under an iridescent dress with ruffled details. Barbie Extra 2 doll’s accessories, including a neon green beanie, gem-shaped purse, white statement necklaces, and white sneakers, add personal expression and unexpected moments of storytelling fun.

Pet: puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 3

Product number: GRN28


Barbie extra 3 doll’s confident and playful style shines through in her fun outfit, featuring a sparkly top and star-print pants layered with a bright pink and extra-fluffy coat. To complete her unique look, Barbie Extra 3 accessories include a candy bar-shaped clutch, gummy bear ring, lots of silver jewelry, pearl-accented sunglasses, and winged boots. These accessories add a personal touch and create unexpected moments of storytelling fun.

Pet: pig

Barbie Extra Doll 4

Product number: GRN30


Barbie Extra 4 just got an empowering makeover – from her curvy body to voluminous blue curly hair styled in a trendy top knot. Her outfit includes a tie-dye top, white shorts, and a vibrant blue bomber jacket with orange lining that adds gusto! To complete the look, Barbie Extra 4 comes equipped with a skateboard decorated with Malibu graphics, plus a neon green fanny pack for all of life’s little adventures.

Pet: 2 white kittens

Barbie Extra Doll 5

Product number: GRN29


Barbie Extra 5 unleashes her vibrant style with a colorful rainbow do and layered look. Get ready to rock the graphic tee, denim shorts with real pockets, and flame-print denim jacket together! Accessorize for extradoll personal expression – don’t forget that cell phone purse plus micro sunglasses, jewelry pieces, green socks & brown boots. Show your confidence in this epic head-to-toe ensemble!

Pet: puppy with a car 

3.2. Barbie Extra 5 Doll Set

Check out the extraordinary Barbie Extra 5-doll pack for an unbelievably fun experience! The collection showcases five fabulous dolls with a fresh and bold look, perfect for expressing each one’s unique style. Together are six adorable pets with accessories to create even more dynamic play experiences. Each doll is styled in trendy apparel, including graphic tees, denim shorts, and jackets featuring eye-catching fringe details – plus micro sunglasses, purses, jewelry, and socks, ready to add some sass to your sets. As you can see in the set is available one more doll.

barbie extra 5 pack

3.3. Barbie Extra Dolls 2021

In 2021 was released 5 Barbie Extra Dolls of collection and 2 additional play sets.

Barbie Extra Doll 6

Product number: GXF08


Barbie Extra 6 is making a statement with her periwinkle half-up, half-down hairdo. To complete the modern and stylish ensemble, she’s wearing pink teddy bear print shorts and a jacket with extra fuzzy sleeves for added glamour. Accessorizing like only a fashionista can, Barbie Extra 6 adds ice cream cone clutch, nameplate ring, and heart-shaped sunnies to turn up the chicness even more – remembering plenty of charming jewelry!

Pet: bulldog

Barbie Extra Doll 7

Product number: GXF10


Barbie Extra 7 is back and better with her new curvy figure, iconic rainbow pigtails, and vibrant style! Her star-print lavender top paired with black shorts featuring edgy frayed edges adds a touch of spunky attitude. Barbie Extra 7 completes the look with silvery boots, sunglasses, and jewelry to ensure she’s always dressed for any occasion. A striking neon faux fur shrug brings just the right flair, so you can rock that fabulously fashionable style everywhere you go!

Pet: Pomeranian puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 8

Product number: GYJ77


Barbie Extra 8 doll is ready to take on the day with a bold and fashionable new look! With her extra-long blonde hair styled in crimped pigtails, accompanied by an eye-catching sparkly pink varsity jacket embellished with graphic patches plus furry arms, she’s sure to turn heads. Barbie Extra 8 completes this stylish ensemble with a purple pleated skirt which perfectly complements her fun accessories, namely: dazzling sunglasses, vibrant leg warmers, and black heels – not forgetting, of course, that must-have french fry fanny pack backpack combo topped off by a classic visor for added flair.

Pet: teddy bear

Barbie Extra Doll 9

Product number: GYJ78


Barbie Extra 9 is making a statement of confidence and glamor with her curvier figure, long brunette locks glammed up by silvery bling hair clips, as well as an outfit featuring a rainbow-patterned slip dress sending the message to ‘Shine Bright Like the Stars’ over a white shirt and blue ruffled tulle coat. Adding even more shine to this look are essential bracelet accessories!

Pet: crocodile

Barbie Extra Doll 10

Product number: GXF09


Barbie Extra 10 is showing off her confidence, style, and individual personality with this bold new look! She’s taken extra-long pink braids to the next level by layering an orange floral jogger set under a bright turquoise jacket. To complete it all, Barbie Extra 10 added accessories like sunglasses, strappy shoes, lots of gold jewelry, and even a fun clutch – giving every girl an empowering story that can only be told in true Barbie fashion!

Pet: DJ mouse

Barbie Doll and Accessories Set

Product number: GYJ69


Some items in the collection are versatile, including a reversible dress with two different heart-print patterns and a purple fluffy cape that can be worn as a skirt or as a dress detail. The accessories complement the outfits perfectly and include a pearl-detailed purse, white bow belt, silvery jewelry, sunglasses, and a kitten ears headband, among others.

Barbie Extra Doll’s hairstyle is styled half up with a bow accent, featuring long light-blue hair that creates an eye-catching look. The pet kitten figure is equally EXTRA, wearing a tiara, golden “MEOW” necklace, and even has its own personal mirror.

Pet: kitten with a tiara

Barbie Extra Doll & Vanity Playset

Product number: GYJ70


An exclusive Barbie Extra doll with flowing purple hair is the star of this colorful vanity playset! With the possibility and a selection of 45+ accessories, including her own pet puppy, ice-cream sandwich salon chair, and rolling clothing rack complete with branded hangers – she’s sure to be fully styled. Plus, there are plenty of storage solutions for all her favorite extras, plus a light-up mirror to add those final touches!

Pet: puppy

3.4. Barbie Extra Dolls 2022

Barbie Extra dolls are a new addition to the Barbie lineup in 2022. These dolls celebrate self-expression and individuality with bold fashion choices and unique accessories. Each Barbie Extra doll has a distinct personality: vibrant hair colors and styles, glittery outfits, and eye-catching jewelry. These dolls are designed to inspire girls and encourage them to embrace their style and creativity. With so many different Barbie Extra dolls to choose from, there’s sure to be one that speaks to every girl’s unique personality and fashion sense.

Barbie Extra Doll 11

Product number: HDJ44


Barbie Extra 11 Doll is ready to be the life of any party, rocking star-printed makeup and showstopping neon-green hair twisted up into a glam ponytail. Green doll’s fierce look features an oversized graphic t-shirt dress with black laced leggings finished off by her signature furry boa accessory. Complete Barbie Extra 11 outfit with some funky jewelry, including pearl sunglasses, bling bracelets, and a GIRLS ROCK tiara – all stored in her ultra-on-trend cereal box purse!



Barbie Extra Doll 12

Product number: HDJ45


Barbie Extra 12 steps out in style with her head-turning extra long blonde hairstyle, featuring a braid detail and vibrant purple heart icons. She’s rocking the perfect summer look by wearing a bright floral top, matching denim shorts with ruffles, a shimmery flower-adorned poncho, and white ankle boots! To finish this fabulous ensemble, Barbie Extra 12 accessorizes with an oh-so-cute picnic basket purse and retro-inspired sunglasses – what fun!



Barbie Extra Doll 13

Product number: HDJ46


Barbie Extra 13 is ready to take on the world and show off her confident style! Rocking an extra-long, crimped half-up ‘do with bold pink highlights, she pairs a fringed basketball jersey dress with black bike shorts for maximum cool. Barbie Extra 13 look is completed stylishly by accessories from sunglasses featuring flame details to trendy boots – perfect for expressing yourself uniquely.


corgi puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 14

Product number: HHN06


Barbie Extra 14 takes a trip back to the 60s with her vintage-inspired look that embodies confidence and style! She rocks extra long, high ponytail twists paired with pink hair ties – not only is she curvier than ever before, but this ultra-modern version (Barbie Extra 14) of the classic doll has a two-piece outfit in shades of pink featuring an iconic retro logo print. Of course, no stylish ensemble would be complete without white sneakers, heart-shaped sunglasses (how cute!), lots of layered jewelry, and even fun packaging-inspired clutch for good measure!


puppy with a car

Barbie Extra Doll 15

Product number: HHN07


Barbie Extra 15 has a new and daring look full of icy-lavender lips. Extra luscious locks decorated with her favorite sparkly hair clips, an edgy metallic silver moto jacket featuring purple faux fur accents that perfectly match the heart print shirt as well as her stylish skirt and matching boots. To top it off she accessorizes in style with a fun pizza slice inspired purse along with semi-transparent micro sunglasses layered up to max!


dalmatian puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 16

Product number: HHN08


Barbie Extra 16 stuns with a new regal look, boasting long blonde locks tipped in blue and complemented by an oversized paisley-print jacket. Barbie Extra 16 completes her confident style with a white fitted top and coordinating skirt paired perfectly with bright blue heels. An orange textured purse, chic sunglasses, layered gold jewelry allow for endless imaginative storytelling opportunities!


chihuahua puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 17

Product number: HHN09


Barbie Extra 17 shows off her bold style with a fierce leopard-print jacket, matching pants and statement jewelry. Her look is topped off with luxurious extra long burgundy hair styled into low pigtail braids adorned by an eye-catching pink headband. To complete the outfit Barbie Extra 17 sports stylish black shades and toted around a cake slice inspired handbag – certainly making for one memorable ensemble!

Pet:  puppy with cofee cup


Barbie Extra Doll 18

Product number: HHN10


Barbie Extra 18 is embracing her curves with confidence! Her bold look features extra long, crimped pastel purple hair styled in two ponytails. She adds flair to the ensemble with a neon green jersey dress and an oversized black & white checkered jacket for that edgy vibe. To complete this stylish look Barbie Extra 18 also includes lavender socks, strappy white shoes, some matching accents such as micro glasses and handbag – topped off by lots of layered jewelry.

Pet: puppy

Barbie Extra Doll 19

Product number: HKP93


Barbie Extra 19 is one stylish gal, whose effortlessly chic look dazzles with her signature flair. Her medium-length brown hair features subtle pink streaks and trendy face-framing front twists. Barbie Extra 19 rocks a cool cropped oversized hoodie paired with an eye catching plaid skirt plus on trend knee high platform boots – adding stunning silver jewelry and a textured headband to finish off the ensemble! With her articulated body she’s ready for any pose that comes her way!

Pet: panda

Barbie Extra Doll 20

Barbie Extra Doll 20

Product number: HKP95


Barbie Extra 20 boldly challenges traditional beauty standards with her curvier body and stylish long lavender hair. Barbie Extra 20 turns heads in a confident, eye-catching outfit featuring an oversized pink hoodie adorned with vibrant graphics paired with a sleek plaid skirt and platform boots. A textured headband, silvery jewelry, and an alien friend add the perfect finishing touches to this trendsetting look!

Pet: koala

Barbie Car, Barbie Extra Set

Product number: HDI45


Get ready to turn heads with the Barbie Extra 2-seater sports car! This stunning vehicle has it all – a dazzling silver exterior with wing-inspired scissor doors, star-shaped headlights, and rainbow rims featuring the iconic Barbie Extra logo. And that’s just the outside! Inside, the all-pink interior is sure to make a statement, while the pop-up clothing rack in the hood provides the perfect place to store your latest fashion finds. With included pieces like a rainbow top and a pair of shoes, you’ll be the envy of everyone on the road.

Pet: puppy

4. Barbie Extra Fancy

Barbie Extra dolls are a new addition to the Barbie lineup in 2022. These dolls celebrate self-expression and individuality with bold fashion choices and unique accessories. Each Barbie Extra doll has a distinct personality: vibrant hair colors and styles, glittery outfits, and eye-catching jewelry. These dolls are designed to inspire girls and encourage them to embrace their style and creativity. With so many different Barbie Extra dolls to choose from, there’s sure to be one that speaks to every girl’s unique personality and fashion sense.

Barbie Extra Fancy Doll in Pink Glossy

Product number: HHN12


Barbie Extra Fancy Doll is making a statement with her bold, extra-long blonde hair and stylish pink ponytail. She’s oozing confidence in her joyful high-low gown of glossy pleather fabric – finished off perfectly by oversized bow detail and heart print tights. Topping it all off are ruffle heels, pearly sunglasses, a handbag mirror accessory, plus plenty of luxurious jewelry to spark imagination through storytelling!

Pet: pink puppy

Barbie Extra Fancy Doll in Teddy-Print Gown with Sheer Train

Barbie Extra Fancy Doll in Teddy-Print Gown with Sheer Train

Product number: HHN13


Barbie Extra Fancy Doll doll is stepping out of the box with her bold crimped hair styled in bantu knots. She looks confident and glamorous wearing a rainbow teddy-bear printed gown topped off by its foil print cape for Extra wow factor. Stylishly finishing up the look, she accessorizes with metallic micro sunglasses, purple gloves, pink socks paired with blue heels, and chic layered jewelry clinging heart-shaped bag – all set to sparkle any room!

Pet: teddy bear

Barbie Extra Fancy Doll, Curvy Doll in Floral 2-Piece Gown

Barbie Extra Fancy Doll, Curvy Doll in Floral 2-Piece Gown

Product number: HHN14


Barbie Extra Fancy Doll’s latest look will turn heads with its vibrant orange hair, with sparkly highlights and braids. She pairs her dazzling two-piece glam gown with a stunning floral print and matching leggings for an impactful fashion statement. Orange strappy heels, oversized golden sunglasses, and lots of layered jewelry add the finishing touches to this ensemble that encourages self-expression through storytelling fun! But, of course, no outfit would be complete without her pet kitten too!

Pet: kitten

Botton line

By summarizing the different types of Barbie Extra dolls, we can conclude that they are excellent toys for any young person interested in getting creative and expressing themselves. Regardless of what’s on their minds or how they want to look, Barbie Extra Dolls allow them to become whatever they want to be. This will undoubtedly be a unique and memorable experience! Furthermore, these dolls bring out our childlike sense of wonder and fulfill our fantasy play needs. Such a simple concept still stands today as one of the most excellent tools for creative expression. With imagination and creativity, you can turn your world into something extraordinary with Barbie Extra Dolls. Who knew that such a small thing could make such a huge difference?

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