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why sewing clothes for doll is good choice

Doing something with your hands helps to go off thoughts out of stress and is a little bit relaxing. Sewing doll clothes for me is a hobby. I make patterns by myself. And want to share it with another mom.

For children, sewing doll clothes is an excellent way to develop their finger motility. Besides fostering social skills and enhancing hand-eye coordination, these activities also encourage the development of the fingers and hands. 

Sewing doll clothes is a great common hobby with my daughter. We have a good time together. I can also teach her to end the case and work with difficulties. She does not feel afraid to make mistakes and try again. Through playing, we develop the necessary skills for a strong personality.

good time with daughter
barbie outfit

 Creating new clothes for your dolls will allow you to customize their wardrobe and make them more like their real-life self. Once you have the suitable materials, you can start sewing! Follow the steps according to my patterns, and you’ll have a new wardrobe in no time! In this website you find some tips and tricks to help you make new clothes for your dolls 

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