Christian Dior Barbie limited edition 1995

These limited-edition dolls come with a hefty price tag, but they’re worth every penny. Find out why!

christian dior barbie

Today I want to acquaint you with a gorgeous and incredible designer doll – Christian Dior Barbie. This is a Barbie doll, which was released together with the house of Christian Dior in 1995. I think it is the gold among my Barbie collection. I should have added this doll to my collection a long time ago, and I wish I had done it sooner.

Packaging of Christian Dior Barbie 1995

The doll is packaged in a silver closed box, most of which is the Christian Dior emblem, and at the bottom the inscription Barbie in gold. Also at the very bottom is the inscription that it is a limited edition. Christian dior Barbie box is without any pictures and photos, it is completely silver. The back of the box is just silver, at the bottom is only the inscription “Christian Dior Barbie – this is a limited edition doll, released by designers exclusively for adult collectors” and the emblem of Mattel. There is no inscription on the box assembly. Christian Dior and Barbie inscriptions at the top of the box and the Mattel emblem on the side.At the bottom of the box is a barcode, Mattel logo and information about the production. The doll was released in 1995, made in China. There is also an indication of the equipment.The box opens like a book. The lid that closes the box is fastened with Velcro. 

1995 barbie christian dior
1995 barbie christian dior
1995 barbie christian dior
1995 barbie christian dior
1995 barbie christian dior

When we open the box, we see Christian dior Barbie doll. It is hidden under the transparent blister.

The doll in the box stands without shoes and is attached to the backing, which can be easily taken out of the box. The Сhristian dior barbie is wearing a black costume with embroidery and beading on the sleeves. The embroidery is made of shiny threads, and is done on the entire costume.

The doll in the box is very well fixed.

IT is attached to the backing on wire and the head on plastic. Also attached to the back of the backing is a stand, warranty card, booklet, shoes, and subscription card.

Christian Dior Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie

The shoes in the set are gold.

There was also a booklet, which looked very interesting. With pictures of the doll and the history of the Christian Dior brand.

The head of Christian dior Barbie was very interestingly fastened in the box. The wire was threaded through the chest and dress. And on the ears was some kind of support for the earrings.

christian dior barbie limited edition 1995
christian dior barbie limited edition 1995
christian dior barbie limited edition 1995
christian dior barbie limited edition 1995

Christian Dior Barbie Doll Clothes

The skirt has a cut to the knee, the skirt is tight to the legs

The embroidery is very detailed and beautiful. The arms have gold colored beads sewn on them. Of course, there is no information anywhere whether it is handmade, but my suspicion is that it is. The blouse and skirt are not removable, they are sewn tightly to the doll, there are no Velcro or hooks on the set to remove the set. It is very nice and detailed.

The doll’s hair is soft and combed into a hairstyle. The stitching is good. The hairstyle was apparently not thought about long, but maybe it should be loose, as the doll’s hair is loose in the promo photo.

In the ears of Сhristian dior Barbie are gold-colored earrings in the shape of leaves, with an imitation of a diamond in the ear. The doll is in Superstar mold. The shadows are golden. The doll smiles charmingly and has a dimple on one side.

Christian Dior Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie
Christian Dior Barbie

Christian dior Barbie is on a t’n’t (Twist and Turn) body, the standard body for dolls from the ’90s.

Bottom line:

  • This is definitely the gold of your collection.
  • For fans of fashion and design.
  • Superstar Mold.
  • The stand is stable, the shoes fit tightly on the doll and do not fall off.
  • If you are thinking about buying, don’t hesitate.
  • Style and detail.
  • Embroidery and beads, it seems that the beads are sewn manually.
  • Clothing is not removable.
  • For the collector only, not for play.

This limited edition Barbie doll was designed to represent the elegance and sophistication of the Christian Dior brand. The doll wears a stunning black evening gown, inspired by one of Dior’s famous designs, which features a fitted bodice, a full skirt, and delicate lace detailing. The doll’s accessories include a pair of long black gloves, a sparkling necklace, and a black clutch purse.

This Barbie doll is highly collectible and is considered to be a rare find. The limited edition release means that only a limited number of dolls were produced, making them highly sought after by collectors. The doll has also become popular with fashion enthusiasts, who appreciate the design and attention to detail that went into its creation.



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