Instruction for sewing Barbie Long Sleeve

First of all, download and print Barbie long sleeve pattern for free.

From glamorous gowns to trendy outfits, Barbie has served as a timeless muse for fashion enthusiasts of all ages. One particular trend that has captured Barbie enthusiasts’ attention is the long-sleeve pattern. This distinctive design adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, allowing individuals to channel their inner Barbie and embrace her impeccable fashion sense. Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe or seek inspiration for your next sewing project, the Barbie long-sleeve pattern is a must-have addition that will elevate your style to new heights. In this article, we will explore the charm and versatility of the Barbie long-sleeve pattern, providing insights on how to incorporate it into your fashion statement. Get ready to step into the world of Barbie and embrace the elegance this iconic pattern brings to your wardrobe.

Barbie Long Sleeve Patterns


We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

Barbie long sleeve pattern. Step1


We connect the detail of the front and back, sew the shoulder seams.

Step2: Barbie long sleeve pattern
Step2: Barbie long sleeve pattern


We sew the sleeve with a basting seam, we collect it a little. Please note that the item is marked where is the front cut and where is the back cut.

Step3: Barbie long sleeve pattern
Step3: Barbie long sleeve pattern


Sew on the sleeves.

Step 4: Sewing long-sleeve for a doll


We sew the bottom of the sleeves.

Step5: sew a bottom of sleeves
Step5: sew a bottom of sleeves

Step6 - Barbir long sleeve pattern

We turn the neck, sew with basting seams and sew on the sewing machine.

Step 6: Sewing long-sleeve for doll
Step 6: Sewing long-sleeve for doll
Step 6: Sewing long-sleeve for doll


We connect the long sleeve and sew the side seams and the seams of the sleeve

Step 7: Barbie long sleeve pattern
Step 7: Barbie long sleeve pattern


We take part of the strap, sew it on the sides. Sew the bar to one side of the middle back seam. Iron and sew with a finishing seam.

Step 8: Barbie Doll long-sleeve
Step 8: Barbie Doll long-sleeve
Step 8: Barbie Doll long-sleeve
Step 8: Barbie Doll long-sleeve


We sew with a basting seam the second half of the back to the width of the allowance. We sew the finishing line to the length of the bar.

Step 9: sewing doll long sleeve
Step 9: sewing doll long sleeve


We make an incision.

Step 10: sewing barbie long sleeve


We hem the bottom of the long sleeve.

Step 11: barbie long sleeve pattern
Step 11: barbie long sleeve pattern


We connect the middle seam of the back, stitch it to the bar. We try on the doll. Sew on the clasp.

Step 12: barbie long sleeve pattern
Barbie hand made long sleeve
Barbie hand made long sleeve

Material needed for sewing Barbie Long sleeve

Below is the list of goods I used for sewing Barbie long-sleeve  pattern. But you should understand that if you buy a product using my recommendation link, I may receive an affiliate commission.

Barbie Looks

A doll. I have Barbie Fashanistas 108. And I used MTM body for this doll from Barbie Looks.  

Step5: sew a bottom of sleeves

For a longsleeve, we need a stretch fabric that does not crumble at the edges. I have already hade fabric at home, so cann’t recommend. 

scissors for doll tigths sewing

Scissors. The option you like. 

sewing machine for making barbie dress

Sewing machine. You don’t have to have a sewing machine. This pattern can be made by hand sewing. But I want to say that buying a sewing machine was the best decision on my creative path.

Threads for doll sewing

Threads that matches your material.

Station for Clothes

Iron. Optionally. Something that makes your work neat.

sewing pins

Sewing pins. 

sewing organizer

Sewing organizer. Optionally. Something that you wanted to buy for a long time.


The free barbie long sleeve pattern can be found on the top of this page. The article provides a direct link to download the pattern.

You will need doll, fabric and sewing supplies. Iron is recommended. Sewing organizer allows you to get more pleasure during your crafting. 

Yes, the article provides step-by-step instructions and is suitable for both beginners and those with sewing experience.

If you have specific questions or need assistance with the pattern, write your comment below the article. 

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