Instruction for sewing doll socks pattern

First of all, download and print doll socks pattern for free.

The doll socks pattern is a great place to begin for anyone just starting sewing. This pattern is simple and quick to make, but it still allows you to learn some of the basics of sewing. With just a few supplies and patience, you can create a cute pair of socks that your dolls or stuffed animals will love to wear. The pattern is also easily customizable, making endless pairs of socks in different colors and patterns. Don’t be intimidated by sewing – start small with the doll socks pattern, and soon you’ll feel confident enough to tackle even more challenging projects.

sewing socks for doll


We transfer the pattern to the fabric. I have a knitted fabric that does not crumble.

sewing doll socks


We sew the details, and try on.

sewing doll socks
doll socks
doll socks

Material needed for sewing doll Socks

Below are the list for the goods I used for sewing doll socks pattern. But you should understand that if you buy a product using my recommendation link, I may receive an affiliate commission.

barbie bmr1959 wave 1

A doll. This doll’s face is Barbie Corpo 1966. And body is from Barbie BMR1959.

sewing doll socks

Nylon fabric that does not crumble

scissors for doll tigths sewing


Threads for doll sewing



Yes, the pattern is usually good for beginners with basic sewing skills. However, it’s helpful to be familiar with sewing techniques and using a sewing machine.

Yes. We sew the pattern with hand seams.

Yes, you can. You may  experiment with different fabrics to personalize the tights for your dolls.

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