Instruction for sewing Barbie Trench Coat Pattern

First of all, download and print free barbie coat pattern by the link below,  choice the fabric depending on the season for which you want coat for your doll.

This Barbie coat pattern will help you make a beautiful double-breasted trench coat. It can be worn with a shirt or pants and can be customized to create a variety of looks. It can also be worn with a belt to complete the look. You can even add buttons to your doll’s coat to give her a more realistic appearance. This pattern will give you a number of different looks depending on the time of year. It is suitable for both spring and autumn, and you can mix and match it with other patterns to create the perfect look for your doll. These Barbie trench coat patterns will also give you the chance to add in extra details and different fabrics. 

barbie coat


Cut the details, adding 5 millimeters to the seams.

barbie coat pattern


Start with the details of the back. This section of the coat is called a slot. We will process it. First, bend the stock. And so that it does not go anywhere, I’ll fix it a little with a couple of drops of my favorite glue. But it’s better, of course, to use a special bond for the fabric. 

Bend the slot again to the middle cut. Do the same on the other part. Now we sew both halves of the back before the slots. And along the edge of the slots, we make a couple of stitches at a slight angle. 

barbie coat pattern

The lining we sew is the same as a coat. Carefully cut off the allowance on the side, as close to the seams as possible. Bend another allowance to the cut to the hem. Then turn it all, folding it at the very seam. And now, along the middle seam and the slot, I will lay stitching with a white thread. It turns out such a neat rib without protruding and opening edges.

barbie coat pattern

Step3 - Barbie trench coat pattern

Next, take the part of the coquette. Bend the bottom edge and flash it with a contrasting thread—also, process sleeve cuffs.

classic camel coat barbie_ashlearafts


And for a start, we bend and fix the allowance with a straight cut. Then fold the part in half, combining the tops of the coquette and flashing on the top line. We cut allowance and turn out. Then take the collar. Fold it in half along the inside out. And sew side straight sections. We cut allowance and corners. And turn on the front side. And to keep it in shape, I will stitch it along the top edges. Now we take the back detail. Put the top of the coquette on it. Combine on the neck and cut sleeves. We put sleeves on top. The corresponding dashes mark the sleeve’s front and back sides on the pattern. 

And sew the sleeves, coquette, and backrest together. On the other side of the sleeve, we sew a shelf. Do the same with the other sleeve. Mind you sew a yoke only along the armhole line. It remains a free pocket. Now take the collar. Combine its center with the middle of the back and sew from one pick to another—Tuck and close bottom edge. And directly, I will send the selection of the remaining contrasting thread to the seams of the armhole. And then, simulating a machine line, I will fit the same thread the entire remaining edge of the collar.


classic camel coat

Step5 -barbie coat pattern

Now we will arrange the sleeves. Take the shoulder strap detail bend and fix allowances along the length. You can leave it like that, but I will do the same white deferral around the edges. We plan a place for shoulder straps and sew them. Then bend at the seam and sew the other end closer to the collar line to form a loop.

barbie coat pattern ashleacrafts


Take the belt detail cuff. Bend it lengthwise into three parts. I cut out small loops from a scrap of fabric 5 millimeters wide and about one centimeter long. And fold them in half. We designate a place for loops and sew them and shoulder straps. I am checking if our belt goes through them. Make two loops on each sleeve. Take a belt. It can be decorated with such a small buckle. It can be replaced with two rings or twisted wire by yourself. I do not decorate the sleeve. Put the belt in the hook and then put it in the belt loops doing the same thing on the other sleeve. Now take the belt, fold it three times fix the hem. For it, I will take a large buckle. We pass a belt in a clip and set the edge.

barbie coat belt


Now pockets. I cut corners and bent to the wrong side all the allowances. First, I’ll do a double topstitching. And now I sew a bag to the shelf for the three remaining edges. I don’t forget about the second pocket.

barbie trench coat ashleacrafts


 If you wish you can sew the lining the same way. Or leave the coat without lining. It is also ok. I have added lining carefully.

barbie trench coat
barbie winter coat

Step9 -barbie coat pattern

Well, now we sew the front backs of the trench along with the sidecut, together with the sleeve. 

And then I bend the hem.


barbie coat pattern


Now take the belt, fold it three times fix the hem. For it, I will take a large buckle. We pass a belt in a clip and set the edge.
You can sew belt loops on the trench on the sides and the back. But their position is best measured by the doll.

barbie trench coat

Material needed for sewing Barbie Trench coat Pattern

Below is the list of goods I used for sewing Barbie trench coat pattern. But you should understand that if you buy a product using my recommendation link, I may receive an affiliate commission.

Barbie Looks

A doll you like.

Fabric for the pants. Denim or cotton work best.

scissors for doll tigths sewing

Scissors. The option you like. 

sewing machine for making barbie dress

Sewing machine. You don’t have to have a sewing machine. This pattern can be made by hand sewing. But I want to say that buying a sewing machine was the best decision on my creative path.

Threads for doll sewing

Threads that matches your material.

glue for fabric

Fabric glue. For finishing the seams.

Station for Clothes

Iron. Optionally. Something that makes your work neat.

sewing pins

Sewing pins. 

mini bottoms for sewing

Zippers or buttons.

sewing organizer

Sewing organizer. Optionally. Something that you wanted to buy for a long time.


The Barbie Coat Pattern is a set of instructions and templates that allow you to create a stylish coat for Barbie dolls. It provides a step-by-step guide to sewing or a miniature coat that perfectly fits Barbie dolls.

You can find the Barbie Coat Pattern on up of this page by button “Free Pattern”

The Barbie Coat Pattern is available for free on the AshleaCrafts website. You can access and download the pattern without any charge.

Generally, you will need fabric or yarn of your choice, sewing or knitting needles, thread, scissors, and any additional embellishments or closures as specified in the pattern.

Basic sewing or knitting skills are beneficial when using the Barbie coat pattern. The pattern assumes that you have some familiarity with sewing techniques, such as creating seams, attaching closures, and following pattern instructions. However, if you’re a beginner, the Barbie coat pattern can still be a great way to practice and improve your skills.

Sharing the Barbie coat pattern with others is generally allowed for personal use. However, it’s important to respect copyright and not distribute the pattern as your own or for commercial purposes. If you want to share the pattern, it’s recommended to direct others to the original source (Ashlea Crafts website) so they can access it directly.

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