Instruction for Barbie doll Kimono Pattern

First of all, download and print Free Barbie Doll Kimono Pattern.

The Barbie doll wears a stunning kimono with a vibrant and intricate pattern. The kimono features delicate cherry blossoms in shades of pink and white, gracefully cascading down the fabric. The deep green background of the kimono provides a striking contrast to the blossoms, making the design truly captivating. Barbie’s kimono is a beautiful representation of Japanese culture and fashion, showcasing the timeless charm of this traditional attire.

Barbie Doll Kimono Pattern


For the kimono we use flowing fabric. We transfer the pattern to the fabric. Please note that the pattern needs to be laid out on the fabric and cut out in one piece.

Barbie doll kimono pattern


We process the edge of the sleeve. We turn it over and stitch it.

Sewing Barbie kimono
Barbie kimono pattern
Barbie doll kimono pattern


We connect the part to pieces. We sew the side seams. We overlock the fabric cut.

Barbie doll kimono pattern
sewing Barbie pattern
Barbie doll kimono pattern


Take a strip of fabric 2.5 cm wide, fold it into sections, iron it, and pin it to the front edge of the kimono. We sew. We overlock the cut.

Barbie doll kimono pattern
Barbie kimono pattern
Barbie doll kimono pattern
Sewing for doll

Step5 - Barbie Kimono Pattern

We process  the bottom of the product.

Making kimono for Barbie
Kimono for Barbie
Barbie kimono
sewing kimono for Barbie

Enjoying the result!

Barbie kimono

Material needed for sewing Barbie kimono

Below is the list of goods I used for sewing Barbie kimono pattern. But you should understand that if you buy a product using my recommendation link, I may receive an affiliate commission.

Barbie Wonder Woman

A doll. I have Barbie Wonder Woman. 

knitted fabric for sewing

Fabric for the doll kimono. I took cotton.

scissors for doll tigths sewing

Scissors. The option you like. 

sewing machine for making barbie dress

Sewing machine. Highly recommended.

Threads for doll sewing

Threads that matches your material.

sewing organizer

Sewing organizer. Optionally. Something that you wanted to buy for a long time.


The free Barbie kimono pattern can be found on the top of this page. The article provides a direct link to download the pattern. And step-by-step instruction.

Absolutely! The Barbie Kimono pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers. The article provides detailed instructions.

If you have specific questions or need assistance with the pattern, write your comment below the article. 

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