Instruction for Sewing Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern

First of all, download and print Free Barbie Mermaid Tale pattern.

Creating your own Barbie mermaid tail through sewing is a delightful project that brings both crafting and imagination to life. Starting with a vision of shimmering scales and a graceful fin, you’ll sketch a template and cut out the soft, colorful felt fabric, ensuring a perfect fit for your doll. As you sew the pieces together and embellish with sparkling sequins or beads, the transformation begins. The joy of sliding the handcrafted tail onto your Barbie, watching her become a mystical underwater creature, is matched only by the pride in your craftwork. This sewing endeavor not only results in a unique mermaid masterpiece but also sparks a sense of accomplishment in bringing enchantment to your playtime.

Barbie Mermaid Pattern


To sew the tail, we need a very elastic fabric. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, cut it out. Pattern without seam allowances.


For the fins, we need a sealant. I use interlining. Glue with an iron

Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern


We connect the details of the fin and stitch it, leaving 2 holes at the top and bottom. Turn it inside out.

Barbie Mermaid Pattern
doll mermaid pattern
Barbie Mermaid Pattern
Barbie Mermaid Pattern


Take the detail of the front and back, stitch it, turn it inside out.

Sewing for Barbie
Sewing for Barbie
Sewing for Barbie Doll


We take the fin and attach it to the bottom of the legs, stitch it.

Sewing for Barbie Doll
Sewing for Barbie Doll


Turn it inside out. From the bottom of the fin, we sew a hole with our hands.

Barbie Doll Pattern


Sew the fin along the contour. Sew the lines on the fin.

Sewing Barbie Mermaid
Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern

Step8 - Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern

Twist the fabric on the waist and pull it with a seam by hand. Front and back. Try on and admire.

Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern

Enjoying the result!

Material needed for sewing Barbie Mermaid Tale

Below is the list of goods I used for sewing Barbie Mermaid Tale. But you should understand that if you buy a product using my recommendation link, I may receive an affiliate commission.

Barbie BMR1959

A doll. I have Barbie Fashanistas 108. And I used MTM body for this doll from Barbie Looks.  

knitted fabric for sewing

Fabric for the Barbie Mermaid Tale. I took some elastic fabric.

scissors for doll tigths sewing

Scissors. The option you like. 

sewing machine for making barbie dress

Sewing machine. Highly recommended.

Threads for doll sewing

Threads that matches your material.

sewing pins

Sewing pins. 

sewing organizer

Sewing organizer. Optionally. Something that you wanted to buy for a long time.


The free Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern can be found on the top of this page. The article provides a direct link to download the pattern. And step-by-step instruction.

Generally, you will need fabric, sewing supplies (such as scissors, pins, and a sewing machine or needle and thread), and any desired embellishments (buttons, ribbons, etc.).

Absolutely! The Barbie Mermaid Tale Pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers. The article provides detailed instructions and may include helpful tips.

If you have specific questions or need assistance with the pattern, write your comment below the article. 

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