Barbie dolls worth money on January_2023

This article is about the most expensive barbie dolls sold on Ebay in January 2023

#1 vintage Barbie wearing 1959 Gay Parisienne dress

Are you a Barbie collector looking to make some money off your collection? Have you been wondering if there are any particular Barbie dolls that will be worth more on January 2023 than they are now? You’re not alone, as many collectors have had the same thoughts and have been searching for valuable Barbies. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of Dolls that could potentially see an increase in value over time. Read on to find out which classic Barbie dolls could show solid returns when revisited next year!

1. Barbie Estrela 1982 Brazil (Red Jogging)

Barbie Estrela 1982 Rare Red Jogging

Why it is interesting for collectors.

Barbie Estrela Dolls were distributed in Brazil under the Mattel license from 1982 to 1996.. Its appeal lies in its rareness; it was only produced over a short period of time and was only sold in Brazil. Barbie Estrela dolls can now be found on the secondary market at higher prices than they originally cost, often attributed to their limited availability.

2. Barbie Estrela 1982 Brazil (Animal Print Jumpsuit Red Hair )

Barbie Estrela 1982 Animal Print Jumpsuit
Barbie Estrela 1982 catalog

3. Vintage Barbie Ponytail # 1

Vintage Barbie Ponytail # 1 Original

Vintage Barbie Ponytail number 1 is one of the most valuable classic Barbie dolls on the market. It was Mattel’s first ever Barbie doll and released in 1959. The original Barbie came with a black-and-white striped bathing suit, brown bobbed hair, blue sleepy eyes, and heels to match her outfit – making it an iconic representation of the 1950s.  Vintage Barbie Ponytail number 1 is a timeless treasure and remains a hot item for avid collectors looking for classic pieces from history.

4. Barbie LOT 3 Estrela 1993 Party Wedding

Barbie LOT 3 Estrela 1993 Party Wedding

The set of three dolls was also made by Estrela producers.  The set contains  Viky and Skipper.

Viky was named the best friend of Barbie in Brazil. Skipper was the sister of Barbie. Extremely rare.

5. 1959 #1 vintage Barbie wearing Gay Parisienne dress

When Mattel released their first Barbie doll in 1959, she was a trailblazing fashionista! Decked out in her iconic Gay Parisienne dress and fur stole, the model continues to be an icon of vintage style. These dolls have become highly sought-after collectibles reaching prices as high as $6k depending on condition making them more valuable than ever before! What made this debut special is that these were the very first teen fashion dolls with full grown up figures unlike earlier baby versions – paving way for modern day trends!

6.Barbie Estrela 1989 (Glamour Floral Dress Tan Skin)

Barbie Estrela 1989

Apart from being rare, the doll is also good looking.

Barbie is a striking sight, with her very shiny eyes and makeup. She has an amazing skin tone which only serves to highlight the beauty of this doll even more. The shadow adds detail that draws attention particularly due to its silver color. Additionally, Barbie’s lipstick makes for a beautiful look further accentuated by contrasting hair tones against the color of her stunning complexion . To complete this goddess-like image are traditional sparkling jewels – earrings , necklace, ring.

7. Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Limited Edition 2003

Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Limited Edition 2003 was released by Mattel to celebrate Marie Antoinette’s 250th birthday. This commemorative doll was absolutely stunning with a traditional maroon gown, a white lace neck and sleeves, real jewelry pieces and even 3 strands of ombre pink hair woven into the lush brunette locks. The Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll Limited Edition 2003 also came in her own special collector’s edition box with a portrait of Marie Antoinette surrounded by roses and a golden ribbon along its edges. For those interested in history and art, this beautiful doll is an ideal piece for any collection as it salutes one of the most iconic historical figures of all time.

8. Bild Lilli Doll 11" 1950s Pre Barbie Fashion Doll

Bild Lilli Doll 11 1950s Pre Barbie Fashion Doll

The 1950s saw the formation of a cultural phenomenon. Bild Lilli, a Barbie-like German doll, was released in 1955 by the toymaker Max Weissbrot. Thanks to her fashionable appearance and voice box for making spoken phrases, she quickly became an iconic symbol of femininity and representation around the world. Media mogul Reinhard Beuthin purchased the rights to manufacture Lilli in 1964 and exported her across Europe and South America. Her popularity endured over five decades, remaining an instantly recognizable classic toy even today.

9. Vintage Barbie Black Francie

Vintage Barbie Black Francie

Barbie Black Francie was released in 1966 and quickly became one of the most popular dolls among young girls. She was a huge departure from the traditional Barbie look, with her dark skin and unique, stylishly cut black hair. With her sleek and modern wardrobe, Francie made an immediate impression on children around the world. Francie marked a major milestone for doll-making and representation for African American girls who had never seen themselves represented in fashion dolls before. The doll industry had been dominated by white faces for decades, so introducing Francie provided much needed diversity to the options available to young consumers. Black Francie was loved by many young girls and even sparked spinoffs such as Christie – Barbie’s first African American friend – who was introduced just two years after Black Francie’s debut in 1968. Today, she remains a beloved symbol of progress and change within the toy industry and stands as an iconic reminder of the strides we’ve taken towards greater diversity within our society

10. Santa Ethel Mertz Vivian Vance Platinum Label

Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz

Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz Barbie doll that was part of the “I Love Lucy” Collection released by Mattel in 2001. Vivian Vance played the character Ethel Mertz, who was best friend and landlord to Lucille Ball’s character, Lucy Ricardo, on the classic television sitcom “I Love Lucy”. This doll is a Platinum doll limited to 999 worldwide. She is near impossible to find.

Botton line:

In January 2023, a rare Barbie Estrela 1982 doll in excellent condition sold for US $9,100.00 on the secondary market due to its limited availability and nostalgic appeal. Another rare Barbie Estrela Doll was auctioned off at US $8,100.00; it is from the same catalog as the first one but with an animal print jumpsuit and red hair instead of jogging wear and blonde hair. 

Check your own old barbies. Maybe you have some of these!

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